Your #1 source of Sims news and media! The Sims 4 is finally out!Sims4News Tumblr (3.0; @sims4news) Simsmas to my amazing followers!<img src=""/><br/><br/><p>Happy Simsmas to my amazing followers!</p>, 24 Dec 2014 23:38:27 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4simsthe simsTHE SIMS 4 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP INFO LEAK Twitter user...<img src=""/><br/> <br/><img src=""/><br/> <br/><p><strong>THE SIMS 4 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP INFO LEAK</strong></p> <p>Twitter user @<span>SimmerTiago has found </span><span>a Sims 4 Premium logo in a FNAC store in France. The golden plumbob icon was pulled from the December Careers Update string files, along with four strings of text:</span></p> <blockquote> <p><em>Congratulations, you are now a Premium Member!</em></p> <p><em>We’ll notify you when new items become available.</em></p> <p><em>New items are available in your game!</em></p> <p><em>To find your items, look for the gold flag icon in Create A Sim or Build Mode.</em></p> </blockquote> <p>All we know is that The Sims 4 Premium Membership appears to be a paid service that automatically downloads new items to your game without any additional cost. We do not know if this includes all or any expansion and/or game pack content; it could be that there are unique “Premium Objects” that only members have access to.</p> <p>As always, we’ll post as soon as we get more information!</p>, 24 Dec 2014 10:11:45 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsinfoLET’S PLAY THE SIMS 4: DECEMBER CAREERS UPDATE | EPISODE #2 ♦ In...<iframe width="400" height="225" id="youtube_iframe" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br/><br/><p><strong>LET’S PLAY THE SIMS 4: DECEMBER CAREERS UPDATE | EPISODE #2</strong></p> <p>♦ In our second Let’s Play, Kirk struggles to attract the shiny-lipped (and unfortunately married) Bella Goth, while Pandora pursues Nina Caliente in an attempt to meet her more attractive sister. Panda’s charm works a little too well on Nina, who agrees to a sleepover. Meanwhile, Kirk realizes that Bella’s family is an obstacle that he must murder…I mean…overcome, to win her heart. Can Kirk seduce Bella without destroying her family? Will Nina ever leave the sleepover? Find out (in 1080p this time!)</p> <p>♦ <a href="" target="_blank">Submit your favorite Sims</a><span> </span><span>and we’ll fill our game with YOUR creations…Panda and Kirk can’t wait to meet their new neighbors!</span></p> <p><span></span><em><strong>NOTE:</strong> We fixed the audio and resolution problems! Episode 3 won’t have muffled voices or those annoying black bars on the sides of the gameplay footage. We are continuing to learn and improve, so if you have any other suggestions, advice, or comments, PLEASE do not hesitate to <a href="" target="_blank">shoot us a message</a>!</em></p> <p><em>We hope you enjoy!</em></p> <p><em>-Matt and Phil</em></p>, 22 Dec 2014 15:53:37 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsLET’S PLAY THE SIMS 4: DECEMBER CAREERS UPDATE | EPISODE #1 I...<iframe width="400" height="225" id="youtube_iframe" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br/><br/><p><strong>LET’S PLAY THE SIMS 4: DECEMBER CAREERS UPDATE | EPISODE #1</strong></p> <p><span>I hope you enjoy Sims4News’ first official <em>Let’s Play</em> video! We wanted to explore the two brand-new careers, Athletic and Business, as well as the other content from the December update.</span></p> <p><span>We have already filmed the first two episodes, but we’d like to involve the community in episode 3 and beyond! <a href="" target="_blank">Submit your favorite Sims</a> and we’ll fill our game with YOUR creations…Panda and Kirk can’t wait to meet their new neighbors!</span></p> <p>Be sure to thumbs up and subscribe if you like the video, and don’t hesitate to post any comments, questions, or suggestions!</p> <p><em>Thanks guys, Happy Simming!</em></p> <p><em>-Sims4News</em></p>, 21 Dec 2014 17:00:16 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsTHE SIMS 4 OUTDOOR RETREAT: KOTAKU’S Q&A WITH EAKotaku: You mention that that the game pack will add "new gameplay features" into the mix, but it sounds like most of the additions specified are specific assets/bits of content—outdoor cooking and costumes. Are you adding new activities that Sims can participate in as well?<br /> <br /> EA: Yes, we have some really great new things for Sims to do. Sims can partake in new group activities like the campfire and horseshoes, try their hand at mastering potions with the new herbalism skill, wander through the wilderness, collect all new plants, insects and use them to create herbal remedies and new cooking recipes. <br /> <br /> Kotaku: What sort of destination/area is granite falls, exactly? is it a new public lot? will sims be able to set up houses there, or anything like that? can you build buildings there, regardless of what sims (if any) live there, or is it more wilderness focused? will you be able to mess around with any of the geographic features in build mode at all?<br /> <br /> EA: Granite Falls is a brand new destination in The Sims 4. When you arrive you'll be in a Campground neighborhood where your Sims can set-up camp among the trees or rent a fully furnished cabin. Your Sims will only have what they bring with them – any additional supplies they'll need they'll have to purchase at the Ranger Station – but players may edit the Campground lots through Manage Worlds and build whatever they like on them. The second neighborhood in Granite Falls is Granite Falls National Park, which is a lush forest full of plants, insects, and scenic vistas to discover and explore. There are rumors of a mysterious hermit who lives high up in the mountains, but no one knows quite where…<br /> <br /> Kotaku: Previously, I tended to think of The Sims as the kind of series that did post-release expansions and stuff like that. What is the difference between a "game pack" and an "expansion," exactly?<br /> <br /> EA: A Game Pack is an entirely new product line for The Sims franchise. A Game Pack will allow you to add a uniquely themed experience to your game filled with new gameplay possibilities, introducing something new for you to do with your Sims. Play with new objects that offer all-new interactions and a variety of new clothing, hairstyles, furnishings and décor! For players who are familiar with our add-on content from previous iterations of The Sims: think of The Sims 4 Game Packs as a new product line that seats somewhere between Stuff Packs and Expansions. <br /> <br /> Kotaku: On a related note, will The Sims 4 get expansions as well in the future, or do you see game packs making up most/all of the post-release stuff?<br /> <br /> EA: We want to provide our players with options and provide as many new gameplay experiences as possible. As The Sims 4 has been created to be a live service, free game updates will continue to release on a timely basis. Additional paid content packs are in pre-production and we'll be sharing those in the future., 20 Dec 2014 10:56:01 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsinfoSinging/Music Lessons Coming to The Sims 4?<p><img src=""/></p> <p>Krizia Bajos, a voice actor for TS4, <a href="" target="_blank">has published several Vines</a> of her singing in Simlish in the recording studio. The quality of the singing varies dramatically, and several captions suggest that Sims can improve over time:</p> <blockquote> <div><span>“</span><span>Insecure #SIM… Poor thing needs some #singing lessons”</span></div> </blockquote> <blockquote> <div><span>#Sim is getting better, my friends! I think a couple more lessons should cut it</span></div> </blockquote> <blockquote> <div><span></span><span>“</span><span>Ok, I think the lessons worked- this #sim can sing!”</span></div> </blockquote> <p>It looks like we’ll be seeing some sort of singing skill and karaoke object in a future expansion or game pack.</p>, 19 Dec 2014 21:14:00 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsinfoCheck out this teaser trailer for Outdoor Retreat!<img src=""/><br/><br/><p><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Check out this teaser trailer for Outdoor Retreat!</strong></a></p>, 19 Dec 2014 12:15:00 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsinfoThe Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Official Announcement<p><em>Here’s an article by Graham Nardone about the upcoming Outdoor Retreat Game Pack!</em></p> <div class="news_content"> <blockquote> <p>I have been working with members of <em>The Sims 4</em> team on something fun. I am excited to share it with you all, as I know it’s going to allow you to tell even more unique and wonderful stories with your Sims.</p> <p>Two words. Game Pack. What is a Game Pack you ask? Game Packs are unique to <em>The Sims 4</em>. Our first Game Pack - The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat - will be coming out in January 2015, but before we talk about that, let’s talk about what a Game Pack is.</p> <p>About nine years ago, during <em>The Sims 2</em> days, we introduced Stuff Packs to The Sims franchise to change up the way you could customize your Sim stories. Stuff Packs were focused on a specific theme and included clothing, hairstyles, furniture and décor.</p> <div><img alt="image" src=""/><br/><p>For <em>The Sims 4</em>, we wanted to continue that tradition while giving you even MORE opportunities to craft the stories you want, since a Game Pack provides new gameplay features, new objects and new clothing based around one central theme. Being able to expand your gameplay through a Game Pack allows us to give you some of the things you’ve been asking for and it’s something we are really excited about.</p> <p>So, what can you expect from the first Game Pack in early 2015? Well, you’re going to take your Sims to Granite Falls to visit and explore an all-new destination. The woods are packed with gameplay possibilities. Campfire songs, weenie roasts and bear costumes, oh my!</p> <p>So there’s a little tasty news to chew on, keep an eye out for more!</p> <p>Later, Simmers!</p> <p>-SimGuru Grant</p> </div> </blockquote> <p>The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game Pack will be available in January 2015 for $19.99. More information will be available in January!</p> <p><img src=""/></p> </div>, 19 Dec 2014 11:10:00 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 4 outdoor retreatgame packinfohow did that lets play turn out?<p>Today we recorded the first two episodes. I just finished editing episode one…I’ll upload it tomorrow around noon EST! I hope you guys enjoy it!</p>, 18 Dec 2014 23:15:02 -0500Do you still play the sims 4?<p>Yes, my friend and I are actually planning on recording a Let’s Play tomorrow! We want to try out the new patch content. If we do it, I’ll be sure to post the video here!</p>, 17 Dec 2014 16:12:22 -0500lumialoversims: If Sims 4 had proper age transitioning and...<img src=""/><br/> <br/><img src=""/><br/> <br/><p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="" target="_blank">lumialoversims</a>:</p> <blockquote> <p>If Sims 4 had proper age transitioning and height differences… :)</p> </blockquote> <p>With a few mods, I think The Sims 4 <em>could </em>have this! We’ve already seen great mods for TS3 like <a href="" target="_blank">Grow</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Age</a> by Consort of ModTheSims…all we need is a few talented community members who are willing to work on the project. I know I’d be forever grateful to anyone who could make the aging in TS4 feel more gradual and seamless. Get to work modders! :)</p>, 17 Dec 2014 15:47:22 -0500the sims 4sims 4ts4sims 3the simsTWO MORE IMAGES OF THE UPCOMING OUTDOOR RETREAT GAME PACK The...<img src=""/><br/> <br/><img src=""/><br/> <br/><p><strong>TWO MORE IMAGES OF THE UPCOMING OUTDOOR RETREAT GAME PACK</strong></p> <p>The Sims 4 has tweeted these screens with the caption: “<span>Grab your pack, we’re going on an adventure. Find out more on Friday!”</span></p> <p><span>Two more days!</span></p>, 17 Dec 2014 15:14:00 -0500sims 4ts4sims 3the sims 4outdoor retreatinfoTHE SIMS 4: OUTDOOR RETREAT GAME PACK INFO LEAK Today’s...<img src=""/><br/> <br/><img src=""/><br/> <br/><img src=""/><br/> <br/><img src=""/><br/> <br/><p><strong>THE SIMS 4: OUTDOOR RETREAT GAME PACK INFO LEAK</strong></p> <p>Today’s patch included information about an upcoming gameplay pack hidden within the files.</p> <blockquote> <p><em><strong>Take your Sims camping and explore the all-new destination of Granite Falls in The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat!</strong></em></p> <p><em><strong>Game Pack Features:</strong></em></p> <ul type="circle"><li><em><strong>Wander into an all-new destination</strong></em></li> <li><em><strong>Setup camp with tents, coolers and campfires</strong></em></li> <li><em><strong>Outfit your Sims in new hiking gear</strong></em></li> <li><em><strong>Enjoy unique outdoor activities</strong></em></li> <li><em><strong>Become a herbalist</strong></em></li> </ul><p><em><strong><span>ACCESS TO CONTENT REQUIRES RESTART OF THE SIMS 4 GAME</span></strong></em></p> </blockquote> <p>According to Honeywell, the game files mention insect collections, vacations and smores along with a few other things.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a> for some clips of the upcoming content. It seems very charming and definitely reminds me of The Sims: Vacation!</p> <p>The expected price of the pack is $19.99.</p> <p>SimGuruBChick has confirmed that there will be an official announcement this Friday, so stay tuned!</p>, 16 Dec 2014 20:04:00 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsinfoFREE HOLIDAY CELEBRATION PACK NOW AVAILABLE Celebrate the...<img src=""/><br/><br/><p><strong>FREE HOLIDAY CELEBRATION PACK NOW AVAILABLE</strong></p> <p>Celebrate the holidays in The Sims 4 with festive décor and add an interesting twist to your Sim’s wardrobe. Deck the halls with themed décor items, such as a Menorah, Kinara, Christmas Tree, and more! Or, dress your Sims in ugly sweaters and throw the ultimate holiday party.</p> <ul><li><strong><span>Holiday-themed decorations- </span></strong><span>Decorate your Sims’ home with all sorts of awesome holiday-themed items. Bundle includes: Menorah, Kinara, Table Cloth Recolor, Snowman Lawn Ornament, Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, Kwanza Painting, Christmas Garland, Hanukah Garland, Wreath, and Holiday Wall Speaker.</span></li> <li><span><strong>Festive wardrobe items- </strong>Dress to impress with some of the best holiday attire around. With this bundle, you’ll get three unique ugly sweaters, an Elf Hat, and a Reindeer Hat.</span></li> </ul><p><em><strong>How to Redeem Your Free Holiday Celebration Pack for The Sims 4:</strong></em></p> <p><span>1.       The Holiday Celebration Pack can be unlocked by logging into Origin and launching The Sims 4.</span></p> <p>2.       Banners within the main menu and Gallery of The Sims 4 will appear with the option to redeem the “Holiday Celebration Pack.”</p> <p>3.       Click on the respective banner to surface an in-game pop up that will place the Holiday Celebration Pack in your shopping cart.</p> <p>4.       No payment information will be required to check out.</p> <p>5.       You will then be directed to an order confirmation page. Click the “Close” button.</p> <p>6.       After closing, you will receive a notification that your content is preparing for download.</p> <p>7.       Click the “Ok” button.</p> <p>8.       Once the download is complete, a notification will inform you that the Holiday Celebration Pack has been successfully installed.</p> <p>9.       You will need to restart The Sims 4 in order to see content from the Holiday Celebration Pack in your game.</p> <p>10.     Alternatively, you can also redeem the Holiday Celebration Pack via <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Simply follow the instructions to download and install the pack into your game.</p>, 16 Dec 2014 14:40:00 -0500the sims 4ts4sims 4the simssims 3infoCAREER CONTENT UPDATE HAS DROPPED To get the Update, login to...<img src=""/><br/> <br/><img src=""/><br/> <br/><img src=""/><br/> <br/><p><strong>CAREER CONTENT UPDATE HAS DROPPED</strong></p> <p>To get the Update, login to your Origin account and launch The Sims 4.</p> <p>The Update includes two Business Career Paths (Angel Investor and Business Tycoon), as well as two Athletic Career Paths (Hall of Famer and Mr. or Ms. Solar System).</p> <p>There are also new objects, interactions, career reward rooms, and even advanced filters in The Gallery. Additionally, the Move Objects Cheat has been brought to TS4!</p> <p>Though this is the last of the three announced content updates for The Sims 4, the base game will continue to be updated. Still, it is unlikely that we’ll continue to see many big, free content updates like this in the future.</p> <p>Enjoy the new content! For much more specific info, <a href="" target="_blank">check out the patch notes.</a></p>, 16 Dec 2014 14:36:00 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsinfoIs the new update coming out at midnight tonight or tomorrow during the day ?<p>It’ll likely drop during the day, if it comes tomorrow at all. The specific release time and date is never announced ahead of time.</p>, 15 Dec 2014 20:39:36 -0500I personally don’t see anything different in this...<img src=""/><br/><br/><p>I personally don’t see anything different in this screen.</p> <p><em>What do you guys think?</em></p>, 15 Dec 2014 20:36:00 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsBUSINESS CAREER RENDERS (UPDATED) The Sims 4 has tweeted two...<img src=""/><br/> <br/><img src=""/><br/> <br/><p><strong>BUSINESS CAREER RENDERS (UPDATED)</strong></p> <p>The Sims 4 has tweeted two renders with the captions, “<span>Just another Monday at the office…” and “</span><span>Who says cheerleaders don’t lift?”</span></p> <p><span>They’re clearly hinting at the Business and Athletic career tracks coming in this week’s patch.</span></p> <p><span>New career options and a variety of new objects are rumored to be arriving tomorrow in a third free content update, but the exact release date has not yet been confirmed. Check back tomorrow, but if it doesn’t drop then, it’ll arrive sometime this week.</span></p>, 15 Dec 2014 17:39:00 -0500sims 4the sims 4ts4sims 3the simsinfohoneywellsims4news: Move Objects On Confirmed Good news for The...<img src=""/><br/><br/><p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="" target="_blank">honeywellsims4news</a>:</p> <blockquote> <h1><strong>Move Objects On Confirmed</strong></h1> <p>Good news for The Sims 4. The latest career patch promo pic <strong><em>was</em></strong> a teaser for the sorely missed Move Objects On cheat.  The “<a href="" target="_blank">massive Careersmas patch</a>" is expected <a href="" target="_blank">next week</a> baring any complications.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Source</a> | <a href="" target="_blank">Full-Sized Image</a></p> </blockquote>, 12 Dec 2014 19:21:07 -0500infoDo you know what careers are going to be added in the latest patch? I only read about two, is that it or are there more?<p>Only two have been confirmed so far, but there will be more than two.</p>, 11 Dec 2014 07:57:22 -0500