Dec 12


Move Objects On Confirmed

Good news for The Sims 4. The latest career patch promo pic was a teaser for the sorely missed Move Objects On cheat.  The “massive Careersmas patch" is expected next week baring any complications.

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Dec 11

Anonymous asked: Do you know what careers are going to be added in the latest patch? I only read about two, is that it or are there more?

Only two have been confirmed so far, but there will be more than two.

Lyndsay Pearson Reveals More Career Objects from Upcoming Patch

Hopefully these objects are functional and not just decorative! Still no word on when the patch is dropping…stay tuned.

UPDATE: The patch is coming sometime next week!

Dec 08


Dec 05

Expansion Pack #1 Info - ALIENS

A voice actor for The Sims 4 has leaked some information about the first expansion pack, and it looks like we’ll be getting aliens as our first occult life state!

What do you guys think? Are you excited for aliens in TS4?

Dec 04

First Sneak Peak at Careers Update

Senior Producer at Maxis Shannon Copur tweeted this preview of the December content patch for The Sims 4!

Dec 02


Nov 27

The Sims 4: Game Update - Version

Update: 11/25/2014 – Version

Hey Simmers,

Just a small update for the end of November! Hopefully you have kept healthy this past month. It feels as though a minor plague has swept through the Studio, knocking folks down one after another. But that aside, we have fixed some crashes, addressed some community concerns, and sorted out a few other fixes that just happened to sneak their way into this release.

As always, the community has been doing an excellent job of keeping us on our toes. A new batch of fixes is on its way out with this release, including the un-breaking of the Add to Family cheat, a Sim pruning issue, and some water opacity issues. Thank you for your feedback, keep it up!

Crashes / Performance

Community Feedback

Tuning / Graphics

Thank you,